Is AyeNay secure? Is my personal information protected?


We do not allow anonymous users. We are required to verify that each AyeNay user is a registered voter. And we keep other personal information such as smartphone numbers and social media info.

Only trusted personnel have access to this information to ensure the info is safe from hackers. In the future, as we grow, we will have an independent ombudsman verify the security of our systems.

Do I need a smartphone to be an AyeNay user?


However, AyeNay is best suited for smartphone users.

Nonetheless, AyeNay is also usable from a computer that is online.

It’s a little more involved to use AyeNay when the user has to interact with the AyeNay staff via telephone, but it can be done. Don’t let not having an internet enabled smartphone stop you from participating.

What if I’m unfamiliar with the issue I’m being asked to vote on?

Become familiar. Reearch it online. Join the AyeNay forum. Enter the hashtag associated with the issue and you’ll likely find one or more discussions of the issue at hand.

What if I’m indifferent to the issue I’m being asked to vote on?

Skip that issue. Or deal it. “Dealing” an issue is trading or selling your vote. For example, you care about the Widget Tariff Bill. You are against it. Your friend, another AyeNayer, cares about the Guaranteed Beach Party Bill. He’s for it. You make a deal with your friend. You’ll vote Aye on the Party Bill if he’ll vote Nay on the Tariff Bill.

Can I change my vote after I vote?

Up until AyeNay tallies the vote and delivers it to the elected official, you can change your vote. Statistics of all votes are kept on AyeNay website.

How am I identified on AyeNay?

Your identity is kept private. You are identified by your Congressional District followed by a 6-digit randomly generated number that is assigned to you. So, say you’re in the Maryland Eighth Congressional District. Your AyeName will be something like MD08123456, where “MD08” identifies your district, and “123456” is the number assigned to you.

Who can AyeNay?

All registered voters are eligible to apply to AyeNay. Once a voter makes an AyeNay application, we verify, using publicly available records, that they indeed are a registered voter. Once accepted, an AyeNayer is introduced to his “Decarian” (more on that below) who will walk the new AyeNay user through the system.

Who or what is a “Decarian”?

A Decarian is an Ayenarian who manages nine other Ayenarians. All Ayenarians report to their Decarian. Decarians report to Centarians. And Centarians report to Kilarians.

A Decarian is an Ayenarian over nine other Ayenarians.
A Centarian is a Decarian over nine other Decarians.
A Kilarian is a Centarian over nine other Centarians.