Vehicle Sharing

Suburban communities consist mainly of houses and apartment buildings that form close-knit communities where the homes are within walking distance of each other. Those without a car can rent a car, use services like Lyft and Uber, public transportation, and bicycling and walking.

In some communities a car is almost essential: limited public transportation and the distance to stores sometimes dictates the necessity for a vehicle.

Question: How about the families that can’t individually afford a car get together and buy a community car?

That is, as an alternative to buying a car for each family, poor families could obtain a vehicle that is shared among several families.

To some extent this is is done already, say by forming a local email listserv. Thus, if someone needs a ride, they can request it through the listserv. Or if someone is going somewhere by car, they can offer a ride. And the rider can give some money towards the fuel that used for the trip.

Softwine Market suggests formalizing and advancing The use of shared vehicles: setting up a system where the families actually purchase or lease a vehicle that will be shared.