Reckon has scheduled teleconferences. We use social media, as well, to explore in more detail some of the subjects we discuss in the calls.

Here are the details for the teleconference:
The teleconference is scheduled to run from noon 12:00 pm EDT to 1:00 pm, Sun – Fri. Currently, the teleconference has been suspended due to lack of interest.

This is the number to call to join the teleconference:
This is the conference ID to enter at the prompt:
The mnemonic for the conference ID is C0mmune# where “0” is the zero key.
Check back here for the exact schedule of the calls, or send an email to for regular updates
. Once you sign up, you can also call the teleconference and enter the ID to get a recorded message about the topics being discussed.

If you are having trouble signing in, you can text me during the call at 240-850-5386.

If you’ve gotten this far in the website, congratulations!

This website seeks to create an online community of people together who are interested in building an actual community.

An important interim step to building a real community is people meeting in person. There will never be a substitute to meeting in person. The downside is that in-person meetings are relatively expensive in terms of time commitment, as well as logistical costs associated with the actual event itself.

A way of interacting that is between meeting online in a forum such as this and meeting in person is a teleconference.

Yet some people don’t want to be locked into a time slot once a week where they have committed to doing something. Then the project of building a community becomes too much like a job: having to show up on time, having a boss, putting up with co-workers, etc.

I get that. Some people want building a community to be like a party. Show up if and when you feel like it, leave when you feel like it, do what you feel like.

Ultimately, though, being a nomad is a job. And that’s why we have meetings. The purpose, in part, is to weed out the drifters, slackers and stalkers from the doers.