A headlamp is a flashlight that is worn on the head. The headlamp when on shines light whichever direction the head is turned. The practical effect is that the wearer always has light in front of them. The light can also be rotated to direct the light straight up, or down, or anywhere in between.

h600f iii with headband

Zebralight makes top-of-the-lime headlamps. This discussion is about the H600Fd, pictured above. Click on the pixture to go to the Zebralight online store.

Two disadvantages of headlamps: a headlamp worn on the head can mess up someone’s hair; and when two or more people are wearing headlamps in the same vicinity there is a risk of shining the lights in each others eyes.

The first concern of messing up the hair can be mitigated by wearing the light around the neck instead of the head, or by wearing a hat and putting the headlamp on over the hat or otherwise attaching the light to the hat.

The second concern of shining the light in someone else’s eyes can be avoided by using ceiling bounce: when two people are in the same room, they can direct the light straight up to bounce light off the ceiling.

The advantage of using a headlamp is that there is no need to have separate room lighting.