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Kemp Mill is a suburb of Washington DC.

Arcola Avenue is a street that runs through Kemp Mill. Arcola was built on the ridge line that separates the Sligo Creek watershed from the Northwest Branch watershed.

Traveling on Arcola Avenue brings you to Kemp Mill Road. If you follow Kemp Mill Road to its end, you will find the waters of the Northwest Branch coursing over the remnants of the eponymous George Kemp’s Mill.

Kemp Mill was mostly forest when Jack Kay carved a residential neighborhood out of the woods here. The neighborhood still has the feel of a forest with trees and wildlife and is surrounded by undeveloped forest areas.


  1. The goal is to provide information and articles about Kemp Mill to people who live in Kemp Mill. And also to inform people who are considering moving to Kemp Mill.



  2. Are you going to give people guidance in monetary matters, as you are close to Washington where there are good jobs but sometimes high costs for houses, or are you going to emphasize schools for children and shulls, spiritual matters? Maybe you will do both!



    1. There are others in the community who are more experienced in these matters that I would initially defer to. Hopefully, anyone following their guidance would meet with success. My guidance comes into play when all the other options have been explored and exhausted. That is, when those seeking guidance realize that following the advice they’ve received from some very well meaning people is not really going to work for them, then we’re available to speak with.

      We too have what we think are good answers to questions of which Shul to Daven in, what is the best way to educate a child, how to make a living, how to address spiritual matters, how to find affordable housing.

      Many of the people in this community have done well in many fields. Medicine, scientific research, engineering, mathematics, computer programming, the Congress, White House, Federal Courts, non-profits, teaching all all levels, the list is long and encompasses jobs in government and academia and many types of businesses.

      But because the competition is high for jobs, even someone at the top of their field can find themselves out of work. And for those who haven’t developed the narrow marketable skills these fields require, there can be limited opportunities.

      For those willing to re-evaluate their life and take a chance, we offer hope and success.



  3. You are speaking to a large crowd of very busy people. If you would speak to one or two friends or people who can be interested in something you believe it, you might get further. It is great to have a goal of a lot of people, but the key is to get a few dedicated people who respect your judgment. You and I are an example of two people taking on the world with no fear and some success. Now, you at making a journal, and if you can get a few individuals to write and participate, you are on the way.



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