Seasonal Roots

Seasonal Roots is a combination of an online farmers market and a CSA.

A farmers market is a place where local farmers sell their produce. You can order fresh, local food on the Seasonal Roots website.

However, the selection is somewhat limited, and after you order the food, it is then harvested and delivered to you. So Seasonal Roots is also like a CSA, a Consumer Supported Agriculture company, where a market gardener or farmer delivers food to a central place for pickup.

There are dozens of farmers markets in the DC area. Here is one list. Here is another list.

The farmers markets are generally open one day a week for around four hours. Seasonal Roots, by way of contrast, “opens” on Friday at 2:00 pm and “closes” on Sunday at midnight. Delivery in lower Montgomery County is made on Wednesday.

Seasonal Roots goes to local farmers and uploads to pictures and descriptions of items of what these farmers are producing.