Protocommunes Teleconference

I and others are working to start agriculture based communes. The commune has farming/gardening work component. The commune also offers members online courses in various fields, The communes are in suburban settings, with rural outposts.

We’re still in the formation, or protocommune, phase

My protocommune is called Reckon

We have scheduled teleconferences. We use social media, as well, to explore in more detail some of the subjects we discuss in the calls.

Here are the details for the teleconference:
The teleconference is scheduled to run from noon 12:00 pm EDT to 1:00 pm, Sun – Fri. Currently, the teleconference has been suspended due to lack of interest.
Callers have to submit their request to join before the call.
This is the number to call to join the teleconference:
This is the conference ID to enter at the prompt:
The mnemonic for the conference ID is C0mmune# where “0” is the zero key.
Check back here for the exact schedule of the calls, or send an email to for regular updates
. Once you sign up, you can also call the teleconference and enter the ID to get a recorded message about the topics being discussed.

If you are having trouble signing in, you can text me during the call at 240-850-5386.