Case study

Walk the path of the tube. Tube up. Avoid ticker tube fail. Gauge its effectiveness. Develop a coherent theory to explain the ticker tube phenonemon. The synergy between the intellect and the emotions transforms the task into something that can be better integrated into one’s being and ultimately life. Similar to how the clicker works. The click tells the animal the reward has been awarded. This is “intellectual”, so to speak. Later on the animal actually tastes the treat, which is emotional. To put it another way, the click leads to an imagination of reward; receiving the reward is real, and concretizes what was imagined. The tube bridges the gap between the intellectual and the emotional aspects of a task, which precede, coincide with, and follow the execution of the task. By filling in the missing element between thinking and feeling and ultimately acting, a person is self-driven into executing the task by traversing that gulf which has become better marked, guarded, and established. The tube is also a fuel tank, providing the energy that gives a person’s engine the kick to go over the edge between formulating a task and making the first move, thus creating momentum that leads to the start and continuation of the task. The tube is a cutting edge tool that removes the cautionary edge or fear too often associated with a task.